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TV of the Week: 30/06/2012


Season 8, Episode 20


One slightly strange thing about this season so far is that there hasn’t been any real overarching plot, excluding character plots of course. That was remedied this week as we were introduced to what appears to be this season’s ‘Big Bad’, a serial killer who kills from port to port killing navy personnel. This also tied in with the appearance of EJ Barrett a couple of weeks ago, as she arrived to pre-empt this killer and hopefully catch him. Naturally, this led to conflicts between her and Gibbs as she took over the case. It’s always enjoyable seeing Gibbs square off against another investigator, and while he seemed out on top Barrett gave as good as she got.

We were also introduced to Ziva’s boyfriend Ray this week, which wasn’t entirely unrelated. It turns out he works for the CIA and is the liaison for the case with the Agency. The fact that he didn’t tell Ziva that led to some tensions between them already, but they appeared to making progress to getting over it by the end with some help from Tony. I don’t know that I trust this guy very much, but that could just be experience of Ziva’s relationships usually ending with her boyfriend either dying or being ‘evil’. I doubt this relationship will overall end well, but I look forward to seeing where the plot goes over the coming weeks.

The episode ended with Tony and Ziva in a bar and the bartender giving Tony a drink with an eyeball in it, presumably sent by the serial killer. Clearly this plot will come back in future weeks and it looks to be an interesting one. Despite being a little late in the season to introduced a Big Bad, this serial killer seems to be interesting enough to make up for it and I am eager to see where this plot goes.


Season 4, Episode 5

‘The Hot Potato Job’

The title of this episode turned out to be a lot more literal than I was expecting, which was kind of a disappointment. I was hoping that it would be a fairly unique episode where a non-literal ‘hot potato’ had to be passed from team member to team member for the whole con. Alas, the title simply meant that what the team had to retrieve from the bad guy was actually a potato. It does seem a little far-fetched that a potato would be worth so much trouble, but it was an enjoyable episode.

While there was nothing particularly revolutionary about the con this week, it did still provide a typically fun episode. It was especially enjoyable seeing how all the characters got into the building, and watching Nate and Parker with the kids was also great, although that plot didn’t really seem to go anywhere. The Sophie pretending to be Eliot plot wasn’t particularly interesting, but the rest of what was going on was still good. The ending seemed to imply that the woman (I can’t remember her name) has escaped the team’s form of justice and may appear again, but she wasn’t special enough that it bothers me either way.

The other significant development this week was Nate and Sophie sleeping together. The plot itself didn’t actually seem to go anywhere, but I’m glad that what happened at the end of the previous season has been brought up again. I’m not sure that I like the idea of Nate and Sophie being ‘friends with benefits’, but I’m not a big fan of them as a couple either so I hope the series can find a satisfactory way of dealing with this plot.

Overall, this was a generally good episode of Leverage, although it wasn’t anything special like last week’s. Still, a show can’t be that unique every week or it would defeat the purpose, so this episode was perhaps necessary. Hopefully we will have episodes in the future more like last week’s, but a normal episode like this one every now and again isn’t a bad thing.


Season 1, Episode 20

‘Happily Ever Aftermath’

One slightly strange thing about Grimm is that, for a ‘fairy-tale based’ show, most of the episodes don’t focus on particularly well known fairy tales. I think we’ve had Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Three Little Pigs, but for 19 episodes before this one that isn’t a significant percentage. That’s not a criticism, because what we’ve had for the last few weeks has been fantastic, but it is slightly odd. This week, however, gave us an interpretation of a very well know fairy tale: Cinderalla. Of course, it was Cinderella where the main character was a ‘bat out of hell’, but it’s as close to a real fairy tale as we’ve been for a while.

This wasn’t as good an episode as the recent ones have been, largely because it was quite a procedural one, but it was still fairly enjoyable. The plot of the episode, with the godfather looking after Lucinda, the ugly stepsisters and the evil stepmother, was very similar to the original story of Cinderella, even to the point where, I think, we saw that the stepmother’s shoe business was called ‘The Perfect Fit’. Of course, it was drastically changed when we discovered that Lucinda and her Godfather were bat Wesen, that Lucinda had no conscience and that she was killing her step-relatives. It was fairly interesting to watch how the series changed the original fairy tale, although it still wasn’t as interesting as some of the previous weeks’ plots have been.

The background plot of this episode, despite not getting much screen time, was very interesting however. In order to help Nick get some closure on his parents’ deaths, Juliette contacted the man who investigated the car accident. This man then contacted Nick and informed him of the four suspects in the case: the three dead ones we knew about and another one. I imagine that this man will be a significant plot in the remaining two episodes, and I look forward to seeing how all this is resolved.

This was a good episode of Grimm, although not as exciting as recent weeks have been. It contained an enjoyable case and set up some plots which look as though they will be fascinating to watch develop in the next couple of weeks. Still, I hope that the final two episodes of this season do more to connect with the overarching plot of the season, as it has been very good so far and I desperately hope that the end of the first season doesn’t prove to be a disappointment.

A Town Called Eureka

Season 5, Episode 7


After we discovered last week that Holly was alive within the Matrix, I suspected that something would have to happen in the near future to deal with that, and this week that was exactly what happened. The Matrix machine (I have no idea what it’s really called) was to be taken away for safety reasons as a new security system was installed in Global Dynamics, and the team had to save Holly from being taken with it. Fortunately, they managed to get Holly out of the Matrix mainframe, but unsurprisingly it all went wrong from there and Holly ended trapped in the GD mainframe instead.

It was quite enjoyable watching Holly ‘possess’ the different machines in GD, from the bionic hands to the giant laser pointer, and, by the end at least, it was still fairly clear that it was Holly. Aside from the creepy hand, the machines all seemed to have Holly’s quirky nature while she was in them, which was a nice touch. For a while at the end I honestly did think that Holly was gone forever, which would have been frustrating considering she only just got a reprieve from her first ‘death’, but fortunately Henry managed to salvage her and install her into SARAH.

I don’t actually have much to say about this episode, other than to express my relief that Holly is alive (sort of). It wasn’t the funniest episode this season, but it was still very enjoyable and was quite emotional at points, such as when Holly appeared to be lost forever. Jo was fairly annoying in this episode as she refused to help Fargo get Holly back until the very end, but she had her reasons and she redeemed herself at the end and in her conversation with Fargo. Now that Holly is back and the Matrix machine has been taken away, the only real remaining overarching plot is the Z-waves which the Astreus crew are still emitting. I assume that they will have some as yet unknown significance to make up the plot for the rest of the final season, or perhaps a new plot will be introduced soon, but either way I look forward to seeing how this fantastic show ends.




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