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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Once Upon A Time: ‘Red-Handed’

“I’m pretty sure I’m just going to screw it up. I mean, I’ll screw it up with flair, but…” Since the pilot of this show, one of the stories I have most been looking forward to is Red Riding Hood’s, perhaps because she is such an iconic fairy-tale character. This week, we finally got it …

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TV of the Week: 07/07/2012

NCIS Season 8, Episode 21 ‘Dead Reflection’ In last week’s episode of NCIS, we were introduced to the Port-to-Port killer and the episode ended with Tony finding an eyeball in his drink. I was hoping, although not necessarily expecting, that this episode would continue with that plot, but instead it returned to a stand-alone episode …

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Once Upon A Time: ‘Dreamy’

“You can do anything as long as you can dream it” Despite being mostly filler, this was actually an enjoyable episode of Once Upon A Time which focused on a recurring character that we haven’t seen that much of so far: Leroy/Grumpy. We were briefly told Grumpy’s story back in 7:15 AM, although that story …

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