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TV of the Week: 07/07/2012


Season 8, Episode 21

‘Dead Reflection’

In last week’s episode of NCIS, we were introduced to the Port-to-Port killer and the episode ended with Tony finding an eyeball in his drink. I was hoping, although not necessarily expecting, that this episode would continue with that plot, but instead it returned to a stand-alone episode with the Port-to-Port plot being put in the background. Despite that, this was an enjoyable episode as the team investigated a murder committed by a man who had been killed days before it. It was quite unbelievable, and very Mission: Impossible as Tony said, but it still made for a good episode.

One interesting thing which happened this week was the introduction of EJ’s team. Both of the new characters look like they will be fascinating to watch interact with Gibbs’s team, as we have Simon Cade making McGee jealous over his dinner with Abby, and Gayne Levin (Alimi Ballard, Numb3rs) making Tony jealous over his closeness with EJ and his film knowledge. I hope they stick around for a while, as it is nice to have another team at NCIS headquarters and it leads for more potential ‘inside men’ for the Port-to-Port killer.

The best thing about this episode, however, was the clash between Gibbs and Tony. Gibbs has a very clear rule against co-workers dating, which set him at odds with Tony over his relationship with EJ. Their conversation at Gibbs’s home was fascinating to watch as they are very close and depend on each other, but neither of them are willing to change their viewpoints about dating co-workers and it led to some great dialogue and acting. It was a shame that they were interrupted before they could deal with it all, but it does mean that presumably there is more to come in the future, which I look forward to.

While perhaps not as good as last week’s, this week’s episode was still strong and, as well as having a good stand-alone plot and some great character moments, it did make a little progress on the overarching serial killer case. The eye from Tony’s drink can open MTAC, which implies that the victim is connected with NCIS somehow, so I look forward to seeing where the plot will go next episode.


Season 4, Episode 6

‘The Carnival Job’

While the cons in Leverage are always enjoyable to watch, the best elements of this show are the ‘human’ ones, which was why The Van Gogh Job was so good and also why I loved this week’s episode. The team are in the middle of conning a mark when suddenly the mark’s daughter is kidnapped and the team have to somehow get her back safely. One thing that this episode showed was that, while often the team are quite light-hearted about what they do, when they have something serious to do they can really come together and do great things, like saving the daughter.

All the characters had great moments in this episode, but it was really Eliot who shone. We’ve seen a little in the past how good Eliot is with kids, and that returned this week as he befriended the daughter, Molly, pretty much immediately by showing her how to beat the ‘rigged’ games of the carnival. Speaking of Molly, she was quite an awesome character: spunky and brave, but also realistic for someone in her position. I don’t expect we will see her again, but nonetheless I enjoyed her in this episode.

The plot itself was enjoyable to watch as well, although not as good as the character moments. The early parts of the con were very typical elements of a con, with the team pretending to be decorators there to redesign the mark’s house, but it really picked up after Molly was kidnapped and the team had to work to free her. The eastern-European housekeeper being part of the kidnapping was bit clichéd and predictable, but the rest of this plot was great, from Parker taking over the sniper’s nest on the Ferris wheel to Eliot getting beaten up and then managing to beat the Russians in the Hall of Mirrors.

Overall, this was by far one of my favourite episodes of Leverage. It had the perfect blend of plot, characters, humour and drama. I loved Parker and Hardison arguing about the Parker2000, Eliot bonding with Molly, and so many other aspects of this episode. I hope we get many more episodes of Leverage like this in the future.


Season 1, Episode 21

‘Big Feet’

This was a decent episode of Grimm, although with it being the penultimate episode of this season I was hoping for something a bit ‘bigger’ and linked with the already introduced plots. This was actually a fairly stand-alone plot, and although some of the developments in this episode might have repercussions in future episodes, I would have preferred it if the show dealt with some already existing plotlines instead of introducing new ones.

The plot of this episode centred on some of Monroe’s friends losing control of their Wesen side and ’falling off the wagon’ due to a drug they had been using.  It wasn’t revolutionary as plots go, but it did show the difficulties that Monroe faces by being a good guy and also served to make steps towards both Hank and Juliette finding out about Wesen and Nick’s position as a Grimm.

I don’t actually have anything more to really say about this episode. It was decent, but slightly lacklustre for the penultimate episode of this season. I hope the next episode, the Season 1 finale, is able to live up to the earlier parts of the season and be as great as the show has been at points before now.

A Town Called Eureka

Season 5, Episode 8

‘In Too Deep’

Since Holly was transferred into SARAH’s mainframe last week it has become very busy at Jack’s house and this week dealt with the effect that that was having on Jack and Allison’s relationship. To be fair, this wasn’t the only cause, but it did highlight the issues which exist between the couple. While all this was going on, it was a day of pranks at Global Dynamics which unsurprisingly ended up going wrong, and Jack and Allison ended up trapped in a immobile submarine. Altogether, this made for a very good episode.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a huge fan of the relationship between Jack and Allison, but it’s clear that they are the relationship we are supposed to root for and so I do want them to be happy. Still, I did enjoy the confrontations they had while they were trapped. Allison was clearly having second thoughts about getting married, for a variety of reasons/excuses, and it was good that they were finally brought out into the open. At the heart of it, Allison was worried that if their relationship didn’t work out then they would never be able to go back to being friends, sort of like Xander in Hell’s Bells on Buffy. Fortunately, by the end the couple had resolved their issues and got married in the submarine. I wonder where this plot will go now.

Also on this week, we discovered that Holly is (once again) dying. I must admit, I am slightly fed up with the “Holly’s alive, now she’s dead, now she’s alive again, now she’s dead again, now she’s alive again, now she’s dying again” plot, but it will be interesting to see where it goes. I do hope that she isn’t killed off again, or else what was the point in bringing her back in the first place. Still, it will be interesting to see how this plot will develop.

To conclude, this was a very enjoyable episode with a great standalone plot but also some fantastic character development. Allion and Jack are now married, Zane and Jo are on track, but Holly is dying once again, and I look forward to see where all these plots will be taken for the last few episodes of this fantastic show.


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