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TV of the Week: 19/5/2012

Alcatraz Season 1, Episode 10 ‘Clarence Montgomery’ This episode is, in my opinion, fairly illustrative of why this show was cancelled. The problem is that all it seemed to do was pose more questions without even hinting at any answers. This sounds like a strange criticism when I am such a big fan of LOST …

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TV of the Week: 13/5/2012

Alcatraz Season 1, Episode 9 ‘Sonny Burnett’ This week’s episode of Alcatraz was another good one, although I didn’t find the flashbacks particularly interesting here. They were basically showing how Burnett had to toughen up in order to survive on Alcatraz, and to be honest I don’t think we really needed so much time devoted …

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TV of the Week: 6/5/2012

The way my weeks work is that usually I end up recording most of the TV shows I want to watch during the week and then watching them all on Saturday when I have some time off. Sometimes I am able to get some done on weekdays, but for the majority I have to wait …

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