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My TV & Spoiler Rules

This is a list of the TV shows (as well as some other types of fiction) that I have seen. Obviously it is not a definitive list, but I think it covers the majority of TV shows which I may reference or blog about here. I will try to keep it updated as much as possible. If something does not appear on this list, consider anything regarding it to be spoilers. If you feel the need to post spoilers, please clearly say what the spoilers are for and rot13 the spoilers themselves. Thank you.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: TV S1-7, Comics S8-9(Issue #8 Apart (of Me) Pt.2)

Angel: TV S1-5 Comics Angel: After the Fall Volumes 1-4

Firefly: S1 + Serenity (Movie) + Serenity: Better Days and Other Stories (Comic) + Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale (Comic)

Dollhouse: S1-2

Lost: S1-6

Fringe: S1-4

Bones: S1-7

Heroes: S1-4

Leverage: S1-4, Episode 3 ‘The 15 Minutes Job’

(A Town Called) Eureka: S1-5, Episode 5 ‘Jack Of All Trades’

Pushing Daisies: S1-2

Life: S1-2

NCIS: S1-7, Episode 18 ‘Out Of The Frying Pan’

NCIS: Los Angeles: S1-3

The Mentalist: S1-4

Castle: S1-2, Episode 12 ‘Sucker Punch’

Numb3rs: S2-6

Smallville: S1, 4, 7, 9, 10

No Ordinary Family: S1

V (Remake): S1-2

24: S1

Warehouse 13: S1-3

Alphas: S1

Once Upon A Time: S1, Episode 12 ‘Skin Deep’

Grimm: S1, Episode 18 ‘Cat and Mouse’

The Listener: S1

CSI: NY: S2-8

CSI: Miami: S4-9

White Collar: S1

Hawaii Five-0: S1-2

Flashforward: S1

The Event: S1

Alcatraz: S1,

Touch: S1, Episode 8 ‘Zone of Exclusion’

Homeland: S1

Sherlock: S1-2

Doctor Who (Current): S1-6

True Blood: S1

Being Human (UK): S1-2, Episode 6 ‘In The Morning’

Inception (Film)


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